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Made from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Cabernet Franc, this incarnation of our rosé is inspired by two of my great wine loves, the wines of Clos Cibonne and Chateau Simone, offering a mid way point between complexity and structure and outright drinkability. They also age exceptionally well. Pale onion skin. White cherry and raspberry intermingle with almond, pink grapefruit, sage, spice and subtle stony and autumnal aromas. The palate follows suit, with enough texture, complexity and flesh to provide a gastronomic food matching and enough acidity and refreshment for simply drinking. I’d highly recommend aging some bottles for additional complexity.


"It’s just shy of medium-bodied yet gives the sense of weight and great presence in the palate. There’s a touch of brine to the undercarriage of the wine, some green almond in their lending savouriness, a touch of blood orange in the finish. Complex, compelling, proper rosé." - Mike Bennie

2023 ROSÉ (Member's Price)


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